Every piece of gemstones from Yukimoto are 100% natural and pure. With love and dedication, our jewelry pieces are also 100% handcrafted with solid experiences. Follow us on a step by step instructions to ensure that your Yukimoto products, shine as bright and last as long.

Jewelry Care Tips 

These tips are suitable for all types of jewelry including gold, silver and bead bracelet.

Avoid direct contact with chemicals 

Prevent your jewelry from direct contact with chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions, hair sprays, etc. **Cautions, Lotion may penetrate through crevices of chains and prongs. These chemicals e.g. sprays and lotions might create a film on the jewelry resulting in the dullness and dingy surface of the jewelry.  Thus, apply all your lotions and perfume first, after dried, then put on your jewelry.

Avoid direct sunlight, heat or cold, and stay away from humidity environment

Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place. Exposure to direct sunlight could cause discoloration and dullness in jewelry. Besides, heat can also distort color in some gemstone. Thus, a safe place that away from those conditions is the vital key to store jewelry for years.

Remove your jewelry when participating in physical activities

Do remove your jewelry when participating in those physical activities that will cause you to become sweaty such as gardening and housekeeping. Your sweats and body oil may cause your jewelry to look dull after some time.

Remove jewelry before showering or swimming

Avoid swimming with jewelry on, as the chlorine in the swimming pool could cause damage to the gemstone and erode the gold jewelry.

Remove your jewelry before bed

Remove your jewelry before bed to protect the jewelry from any damages.
**It is totally fine to wear it to bed if you feel comfortable with it too. 

Clean the jewelry after each use and occasionally wipe it with polishing cloth

Gently clean your jewelry with a piece of soft cloth or Yukimoto polishing cloth at the end of the day. This method would remove body oil or specks of dirt throughout the day. This will prevent jewelry from looking dull.

You may wash it with water but not too often.  Never immerse your jewelry in mineral water or saltwater as it could cause dullness and even damage it. 

If gold pieces of jewelry have oxidized (darkened surface)/become dull, you may refer to the solutions below.

  • For solid gold items (14k/18k/24k gold), you may opt for a gold polishing service in our outlets.
  • For gold-filled items, you may use toothpaste and gently brush the surface and rinse it with water. After that, pat it dry with a soft cloth.
  • For gold vermeil items, gently wipe the jewelry’s surface with silver polishing cloth until the blackened part disappeared. If this solution doesn’t work, you may arrange with us to get it plated again.
  • For 925 Silver items, a piece of silver polishing cloth will be needed to wipe the surface of the silver. You may also arrange for a polishing service.

Jewelry should be stored separately in an air-tight jewelry box

Keep your jewelry separately in an air-tight box, preferably with dividers or compartment and store them in a safe place. This is to prevent the jewelries from tangling up and damaging its surface. It is important to separate pearl jewelries to maintain its luster.