SINGAPORE 1 – 4 Boxes  RM 100
5 – 6 Boxes RM 130
7 – 8 Boxes RM 160
9 -10 Boxes RM 190
11-12 Boxes RM 220
13-14 Boxes RM 250
15-16 Boxes RM 280
17-18 Boxes RM 310
19-20 Boxes RM 340
21-22 Boxes RM 370
UK 1 – 4 Boxes RM 250
5 – 6 Boxes RM 330
7 – 8 Boxes RM 410
9 -10 Boxes RM 480
11-12 Boxes RM 550
13-14 Boxes RM 650
15-16 Boxes RM 750
17-18 Boxes RM 870
19-20 Boxes RM 980
21-22 Boxes RM 1060
US 1 – 4 Boxes RM 210
5 – 6 Boxes RM 280
7 – 8 Boxes RM 350
9 -10 Boxes RM 420
11-12 Boxes RM 490
13-14 Boxes RM 590
15-16 Boxes RM 710
17-18 Boxes RM 840
19-20 Boxes RM 900
21-22 Boxes RM 990
EAST MALAYSIA 1 – 4 Boxes RM 10
5 – 6 Boxes RM 14
7 – 8 Boxes RM 18
9 -10 Boxes RM 22
11-12 Boxes RM 26
13-14 Boxes RM 30
15-16 Boxes RM 34
17-18 Boxes RM 38
19-20 Boxes RM 42
21-22 Boxes RM 46
WEST MALAYSIA 1 – 4 Boxes RM 18
5 – 6 Boxes RM 23
7 – 8 Boxes RM 28
9 -10 Boxes RM 33
11-12 Boxes RM 38
13-14 Boxes RM 43
15-16 Boxes RM 48
17-18 Boxes RM 53
19-20 Boxes RM 58
21-22 Boxes RM 63
TAIWAN 1 – 4 Boxes RM 160
5 – 6 Boxes RM 200
7 – 8 Boxes RM 240
9 -10 Boxes RM 280
11-12 Boxes RM 320
13-14 Boxes RM 370
15-16 Boxes RM 410
17-18 Boxes RM 450
19-20 Boxes RM 490
21-22 Boxes RM 550
CHINA 1 – 4 Boxes RM 190
5 – 6 Boxes RM 240
7 – 8 Boxes RM 290
9 -10 Boxes RM 340
11-12 Boxes RM390
13-14 Boxes RM 480
15-16 Boxes RM 560
17-18 Boxes RM 650
19-20 Boxes RM 700
21-22 Boxes RM 750



Kindly contact our customer support team should you wish to deliver to other locations.

Please note that our distribution center(s) are closed on public holidays in Malaysia. For orders placed on Public Holidays or the day before, processing time will be extended by 1 – 2 working days.

** Please note that there will be a slight delay in delivery due to high demand and closure of distribution centers.

Public Holiday’s in Malaysia 2021
Date Public Holidays
1-Jan New Year’sDay
28-Jan Thaipusam
12 & 13-Feb Chinese New Year holiday
29-Apr Nuzul Al-Quran
1-May Labour Day
13 & 14-May Eid-ul Fitri
26-May Wesak Day
7-Jun Agong’s Birthday
7-Jul Georgetown World Heritage City Day
10-Jul Penang Governor’s Birthday
20 & 21-Jul Eid-ul Adha holiday
10-Aug Awal Muharram
31-Aug National Day
16-Sep Malaysia Day
19-Oct Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
4-Nov Deepavali
25-Dec Christmas Day

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email upon receiving your payment.

Items will be shipped within **48 hours upon payment.

Tracking details will be sent to your email.

**Excluding weekends and public holidays.

When we dispatch your order for delivery you will receive a unique tracking number by email.
You may track your delivery with the tracking number.
Alternatively, you can email us on and we will track the order on your behalf.

If you did not receive your package by the expected delivery date, please do not hesitate to contact us

If you have received damaged/defective product, please do not remove the product from the original packaging and contact our Customer Support team at
Please inform our representative the details of your parcels.

Our Customer Support team would also require you to provide visual evidence (e.g photo, video) of the products in order to expedite the process.


If you have not received your order confirmation email within 24 hours after payment, kindly email the order number and we will look into it.

You may contact our customer support at within 12 hours upon order confirmation if you wish to change your delivery address.

1 packet of elastic string will be provided for every single purchase of bead bracelet/ bead necklace. Subsequent pack of elastic string add on will be charged at RM1/ pack.

Every 14K gold-filled, 925 gold vermeil products come with a pouch and a polishing cloth. Extra pouches and polishing cloths are not for sale.

Unless the item is an Online Exclusive, else we can check its availability in our physical stores.

Please contact us at for further assistance.

Yes. Prices for our Products may change from time to time as it will be listed on the day of purchase.

Changes will not affect any order which we have confirmed with an Order Confirmation.

We currently accept all major credit cards and debit cards in making payments. For further information regarding payment methods, you may contact us at

No. Every country does have different size guide. Our ring size are all according to standard Hongkong size 14. You may refer to size guide.


You may tick ‘send as a gift’ in cart and remarks your gift message to her/him.

A customized message card or a blank gift card with ribbons, wrapped with love.


No exchange or refund once order is confirmed.

No cancellation once order is confirmed.


“Additional Charges” for all orders must be paid by recipient.

These “Additional Charges” include, handling charges imposed by the carrier; customs handling charges; Goods and Services Tax; and Value-added Tax.

Please note that the shipping and handling charges do not account for all Additional Charges.

On the other hand, if you wish to return your item, you shall be responsible for all taxes and/or duties imposed by the customs authorities. We reserve all rights to return the item to you at your cost.

We do not accept tax refunds for purchases made at Yukimoto Gemstone.


Every piece of bead bracelet and bead necklace purchased at Yukimoto are entitled to enjoy a lifetime restring service with T&C apply.

You will not be entitled to FOC restring service for that particular bracelet/ necklace if:

1. The number of loops of the product has been changed (resize three loops into one loop each)

2. The design of the product has been changed (removing all the gold-filled/ the most critical part of the design/ change the arrangement of beads in the design/add on DIY beads that does not belong to Yukimoto/ change the product beyond recognition)

Yukimoto does not provide any free repair for any bracelet and necklace. A deposit of RM50 will be charged, additional charges for the repair should be paid upon completion. If you have any questions regarding this issue, you may contact us at

Yukimoto provides ring resizing service for non-adjustable ring(s) valid within half a year from the date of purchase.

*Extra charges may apply. For any questions regarding this issue, you may contact us at


Warranties are provided for different categories of products where which Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) apply. The warranties can be applied to all products purchased from Yukimoto on every official platform.

Shipping charges will be borne by customers and Members for all warranty matters.

Yukimoto offers 2 extra (clear or black) beads to make bracelets longer as a means of adjustment when required. The color-matching depends solely on the designer. Consecutive additional beads are chargeable. You may reach us at for more information. This service is only valid for 7 days after the product is purchased and received.

All 14K gold-filled products purchased from Yukimoto will be entitled to a free repair service 14 days from the date of purchase. The free repair includes the replacement of a broken gold-filled chain and or faulty clasps. Please note that the repair process might take up to one month.

All Yukimoto jewelries are warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of the original purchase against any manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects will undergo assessments from our technicians before said defects are confirmed as such. Do note that the variations of natural gemstones’ colors, cuttings, sizes, and shapes are not considered as manufacturing defects. This time-limited warranty does not cover damage that arose from normal wear and tear, accidents and or improper use as per mentioned in our Care instructions.

The repairing process might take up to one month. Additional fees will be incurred if the product is sent in after the warranty period has ended.

*Please note that shipping charges are not included and will be borne by the customer or Member. Yukimoto Gemstone reserves the final rights on decisions regarding all matters concerning the warranties. If you have any questions regarding the warranties, you may contact us at .


The Yukimoto Reward Points Programme (The “Programme”) is designed by Yukimoto Gemstone Sdn. Bhd. to give customers the best benefits as an additional service and means of repayment to customers’ loyal patronage. The Programme is offered to all Yukimoto customers upon purchase. After a complete purchase has been made with Yukimoto establishments including Yukimoto’s retail stores and official website, you will automatically be enrolled into the Yukimoto Reward Points Programme.

Any individual at the age of 18 and above with a purchase record will be automatically signed up for Yukimoto membership and enrolled into the Reward Points Programme upon purchase regardless of nationality. No subscription fee is imposed on the Members for earning points in The Programme.

A one-time registration for membership will be required upon the first-time purchase in any of Yukimoto’s official establishments including Yukimoto’s retail stores and online platforms. Membership is limited to one (1) account per individual.

You will automatically become our Member upon your first purchase in Yukimoto. Points will be credited for every purchase in Yukimoto where which Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) apply.

For every Ringgit Malaysia (RM) spent on the merchandise (as per the T&Cs stated) at any Yukimoto retail stores, you will receive two (2) points.

For every Ringgit Malaysia (RM) spent on the merchandise (as per the T&Cs stated) at and or any other of our online platforms, you will receive one (1) point.

No. Do note that the items or services stated below are excluded from point calculation:

  • Taxes
  • Shipping and or delivery fees
  • Gift Cards
  • Same Day Delivery fees
  • Authenticity Certificates upon request
  • Setting fees of jewelries
  • Repair fees of jewelries, and
  • Items other than Yukimoto jewelry

Your membership point balance is stated in every invoice and official receipt. You can always check your Reward Points balance with our attendants in our retail stores, official online platforms and or contact us via emailing Verification steps will be required to protect your privacy.

You can choose to either redeem your rewards in person in our retail stores, via our online platforms and or by replying to the email sent to you after completing your purchase on our website. Points will be deducted from your account once the redemption is made. A few verification steps will be required for all methods for safety reasons.

To ensure your safety, please note that all issues pertaining to points and membership can be checked or done via Yukimoto’s official sites, including Yukimoto’s official retail stores, online platforms and or via ONLY. All gift rewards are redeemable on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.

Yes. For in-store redemption, you are required to be physically present during the redemption transaction and verify your identity by giving our attendant your registered membership details. You are also required to bring along your Identification Card or Passport if you are to redeem your rewards in person.We advise you to check the conditions of the gift reward item as soon as the item is redeemed.

For redemption through online platforms, you are required to provide us with your verification details, such as your registered contact number or email. Thereafter, a one-time-password (OTP) will be sent to your registered contact number or email for verification purposes

Yes. Yukimoto Reward Points will expire within 12 months following the time frame given. Adhering to the T&Cs, Reward Points earned from 02 NOV 2021 onwards will be valid until 01 NOV 2022.

Gift rewards redeemed are entitled for a 7-day warranty for manufacturing defects for no extra charges. Do note that the variations of natural gemstones’ colors, cuttings, sizes, and shapes are not considered as manufacturing defects. The 7-day period begins after the Member has purchased and received the reward(s). If you require a repair service, you may contact us at Additional fees may incur.

You will receive the following benefits for your first purchase within your birthday month ONLY:

  • For every Ringgit Malaysia (RM) spent on merchandise (according to T&Cs) at any Yukimoto retail store, you will receive three (3) points instead of the original two (2).
  • For every Ringgit Malaysia (RM) spent on merchandise (according to T&Cs) at or our other online platform(s), you receive two (2) points instead of the original one (1).

No. Yukimoto Reward Points are non-transferable and cannot be shared, may not be redeemed for cash, exchanged or sold.

Yes. Meanwhile, your points will be credited according to the final amount you have paid after any voucher or discount was applied.

If any item for which you earned points is returned or exchanged (in accordance with the Refund Policy), the points earned in connection to that particular item will be deducted automatically without notice.

Regarding the redemption of Reward Points, there will be no return of points after the redemption of Reward or Rewards is made. The process of Rewards redemption are final and irreversible.

Yukimoto Gemstone reserves the final rights on decisions regarding any issues pertaining the deduction or return of points in any particular situation or situations.

If a Voucher exists in the purchase that is to be refunded, the point balance will be altered according to the new amount paid by the Member. In this situation, the particular Voucher can still be used in future purchases as long as the voucher is still eligible for use. Yukimoto reserves the right to decide the validity of vouchers after merchandise is returned.

If you have any questions regarding The Rewards Programme, feel free to contact us at  or drop us a message on our other online platform(s).